Answers About Mortgages and First Time Home Buying

In recent weeks I have written lots of posts in answer to reader questions about the home buying and mortgage qualification processes. Some of these questions were from first time buyers, but not all. I believe there is something for everyone in these questions. One or two prior purchases under your belt hardly qualifies you as an expert after all.

So I decided to put the links to these posts all in place, to make it easy for you to navigate back and forth to them. Hope you enjoy and keep sending questions to I answer everyone personally.

That’s me in the picture. Only in Scotland do you need to wear long pants and a sweater on a July day at the beach!

Ownership and mortgage question for couple buying their first home

When do we get the keys for our new house?

Will a mortgage pre approval affect my credit score?

Can our mortgage rate go down before closing?

Ten year mortgages are cool these days

How does a self employed person qualify for a mortgage?

What is the difference between interest rate and APR?

Can you include overtime pay when you apply for a mortgage?

How can you pay your mortgage down faster?

How can a Canadian qualify for a mortgage for USA property?

The risks of variable rate mortgages

I foreclosed in 2010, will I qualify for a mortgage now?

How do I get a commercial mortgage?

Price your home to sell



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