It is hard to put into the words the impact of what Ross can do!!!  I am a HUGE sap and many of these clients and their stories fill me with gratitude!! We really are changing peoples’ lives.

Here are a couple of examples:

Our most recent client is a beautiful first time mom with a gorgeous baby girl!  She found us doing a Google search late at night, looking for help.  She is currently a homeowner and in a consumer proposal.  At this point she felt that she would have to return to work early and cut short her maternity in order to keep up.  IMAGINE for a moment that heartbreak when your baby is only weeks old!  NOW back to the Google search!  She landed on the AskRoss website and hit the CHAT NOW…. she was floored that she got a response from Ross so quickly; I was not so shocked…ROSS is that attentive!!!

Not long after she came into our office with the most precious baby girl and the weight of the world on her shoulders.  I held this baby and allowed her to sit with Ross and talk it over.  I am listening to the conversation while holding this little beauty while she slept…. you can hear the excitement in her voice as she realizes we can help her…. AND we did!

Taking away that stress from her and seeing her smile and tear up really impacts you, especially when you later get an email saying that she will remain on maternity leave right up until the end is life altering…really!!!  She said she stood in line soon after she signed the papers at the bank and just felt like she was going to cry, she was just shocked that this was even a possibility, one that was affordable and one that gets her on the right track to writing her new credit story!!!

Our next clients WOW!  What a story!!!!

They are an amazing couple and really fell behind when Frank donated a kidney to a family member.  While the recipient recovered beautifully, Frank had a much harder time.  As a result of this he was not able to return back to his full time job for some time, when he was able to go back his health would not allow him to do full time.

This as you can imagine really puts a strain on a couples finances.  As a result, they relied on credit to keep up with their financial obligations.  This can only take you so far, and when the available credit dried up they went to the bank looking for help.  Sadly they were not offered the help they needed and sent on their way with no solution.  Think about that for a moment!!!  Financial stress was not what they needed!  Frank needed to get healthy and back on his feet again but how, where do you go when the bank says no?

They came to us as a referral.  What is amazing about this story is that in LESS THAN 4 HOURS that same day we had an approval!!!  In just 4 hours what they so desperately needed was given to them!

There are no words to describe the excitement in their voices when I started working with them to get the deal closed.  I honestly tear up when I think about it!  The focus now is not on their finances!  They are on the right path and they can sleep easy and focus on Frank’s health and the life that was saved because of him!

In talking to him I had mentioned it must have been so frustrating to have such a rocky recovery….nope, he was just happy his family member is still with them!

I love how I am working in a business where we truly help people out of difficult situations. We also help first timers navigate the purchase process and own their first dream home. It’s all very special for me.

With more than fourteen years in the financial services sector, Tenely Kam, mortgage fulfillment specialist, is both a natural and a professional fit for the AskRoss team. Her additional cross-Canada experiences as a military wife, position her well in the areas of service, community, loyalty and customer care.

A life “outside the bank” at Ross Taylor and Associates, with the opportunity to be creative and really impact the lives of others, is Tenely’s dream position. Since she first met Ross as a client, Tenely knows first-hand just how life changing walking through those office doors can be!