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About Ross Taylor

About Ross Taylor & Associates

Whether you feel your mortgage needs are challenging, or you simply feel you deserve the best service and the lowest interest rate possible, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our DEAL OF THE WEEK!

If you are looking for a wealth of easy-to read useful information all in one place, check out our blog with more than 460 published articles. Ross’s writing is cited by Rob Carrick of the Globe and Mail, Ellen Roseman of the Toronto Star, and Preet Banerjee, a member of the Bottom Line Panel on CBC news. His posts are sometimes linked at www.theglobeandmail.com in Rob Carrick’s Personal Finance Reader

Ross is a sought after interviewee for several websites and publications, and wrote three chapters for Ellen’s most recent book “Fight Back“.

And if you have debt or credit related problems, Ross is also a registered BIA insolvency counsellor who can assess your unique circumstances and provide a solution tailor made to your circumstances. Ross has business relationships with several trustees and administrators of consumer proposals, and he will negotiate an insolvency settlement on your behalf, ensuring you never repay more than you absolutely have to.

certified reverse mortgage specialistRoss is the founder of Ross Taylor & Associates and we have helped hundreds of people just like you secure a mortgage, sometimes when it seemed impossible. We can help you by phone, fax and email, or at our offices in North York, whatever works best for you. Ross is also a certified reverse mortgage specialist, uniquely positioned to help Canadians over 55 years of age with a wide variety of mortgage and income solutions.


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Mortgage Agents – buying, refinancing, renewing and pre-approvals

Mortgage Rate

Trust the process to people with twenty five years of experience. Difficult mortgages are our specialty – so if your credit history is ‘damaged’, or you are self employed, or you have lots of personal debts, or whatever your issues are, we can help you. And in most cases, we are paid by the lender, and there is no cost to you.

Every day we are meeting with new clients who each have their own unique and distinct requirements and objectives. Each of our clients requires a mortgage solution that is tailored to match their individual needs and circumstances. However, our formula always remains consistent, effective and reliable.

Arranging a mortgage is both a science and an art – it requires both procedure and imagination. Ross Taylor and Associates bring you years of experience, creative solutions and dedication to results -> seamless, transparent and effective mortgage planning in an environment where you will always feel valued, informed and confident.

You can read dozens of stories about real people whose mortgages we have arranged in Mortgage Information

  • Pre-Approvals & Purchases
  • Refinance & Better Rates
  • Bad Credit / No Credit
  • Self-Employed
  • Debt Consolidation & Credit Repair
  • Secured Lines of Credit
  • Second & Private Mortgages
  • Extra Funds for Reno, Education, etc.
  • Secondary Homes
  • Investment Properties
  • Cash Back

Credit Counseling – we look after your best interests, not your creditors

The trustee represents your creditors and must enforce the Bankruptcy Insolvency Act to the best of their abilities – we respect that, but who is looking after your interests? We represent our debtor clients and are their advocate and negotiator in ensuring a fair, balanced solution to their debt problems.

Know your options before you commit to a life altering decision. A free consultation will allow us to present you all your alternatives – and a clear recommendation as to which solution is right for you. We have healthy relationships with several trustees in bankruptcy and administrators of consumer proposals, and can negotiate excellent terms for you which will allow you to get on your feet again as quickly as possible. We can also negotiate directly on your behalf with any individual creditor or collection agency.

Chances are you will be in this situation only once in your life – why not have someone who has done this hundreds of times in your corner? Before you approach a trustee, please talk to us first. It’s free, and it could save you thousands of dollars. You can read dozens of stories about real people whose lives we have changed in Credit Counseling.

  • Slash your debts
  • Stop garnishments and phone calls
  • Stop legal proceedings against you
  • Stop paying high interest on your debts
  • Rebuild your personal finances and your credit rating
  • Facilitate personal bankruptcies and consumer proposals

Credit score specialists – improve, rebuild, or establish your credit score

Everybody should know their personal credit history and be aware of what lenders can see when they access your personal information. Our mortgage team has a BIA registered insolvency counselor on staff, and we have helped hundreds of people rebuild their credit history and increase their credit scores dramatically.

The past ten+ years, through Ross Taylor & Associates, our focus has been arranging mortgages for any situation, and helping people eliminate their debt and credit problems. Our clients are provided a unique personalized program and action plan designed to clean up the flaws, and increase their credit rating as quickly as possible.


Ross Taylor’s Qualifications

I studied at the University of Waterloo in Mathematics, and then I took an MBA in Finance at McMaster University. I have experience in many facets of personal finance, and providing quality advice and service since the late eighties.

In the past, I also served as a vice president in the Met Life Group of Companies, holding executive accountability for their retail banking and mutual funds businesses here in Canada.


Solving your financial problems with creative mortgage planning is my forte. If you would like discuss your debt situation in strict confidence, please call me at 416-989-1050 or send me an email . I answer everyone personally.

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