Self Employed Mortgages

Looking for a high-quality self-employed mortgage? Our flexible options and knowledgeable self-employed mortgage lenders can help!

Nearly 20 percent of Canadian income earners work for themselves and often wonder why it’s so hard to qualify for a self-employed mortgage. If you’re a small business owner, you’ve probably experienced the frustrations of obtaining a mortgage for the self-employed.

Indeed, most financial institutions require self-employed individuals to use their personal income tax assessments to qualify for a mortgage. However, if your accountant did your taxes well, your net income as a small business owner is probably much lower than your gross income – making it impossible to qualify in many cases.

How We Help with Self Employed Mortgages

At Ross Taylor & Associates, our team of experienced self-employed mortgage lenders understand your situation. We offer lenders that allow for a 5% down payment on purchase even if, currently, you show a lower taxable income. We also have lenders who are willing to sit down and discuss re-finance to 85 percent of its value with little or no income verification needed.

Whether you’re a passionate entrepreneur just starting out or a you’re a seasoned business veteran – we can help you secure a best-fit self-employed mortgage for you. Purchase a new property or re-finance your existing home with simplicity and ease with the support of our trusted mortgage lenders.

Tips to Get the Best Self Employed Mortgage Rates
  • A clean credit history generally receives the lowest rates available
  • Your personal and corporate taxes are up to date and not in arrears
  • Proof that you’ve been self-employed for at least 2 years (GST number or incorporation papers)
  • The property you’re interested in purchasing is located near or in a major center area

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