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Free Mortgage Assessment

Looking for a free mortgage assessment? Whether buying a new home or refinancing your current house – we offer a comprehensive analysis of your financial and life circumstances to ensure you’re maximizing your mortgage potential and minimizing costs.

How It Works

When you sit down with our specialists, we not only consider all aspects of your personal and living expenses and come up with a workable loan-to-income ratio – we look ahead for you. Our team will take into account the effect of possible interest rate rises, changes to your lifestyle, and other things that may impact your current financial status, and ensures that you won’t run into any difficulties later on.

How Much Can You Borrow 

For simplicity and convenience, we use our mortgage assessment calculators to show you the amount a lender might offer you, and whether you’ll be able to afford your monthly payments based on your income and out-goings. Our calculator will also show you how much your monthly payments would be if interest rates rose in the future, so you can ready yourself by thinking about remortgaging or possible overpaying options.

Not only does our free mortgage assessment give you clarity, but getting comfortable with your numbers is a necessity when it comes to buying a home. At Ross Taylor & Associates we understand that each borrower is unique.

Let us help you find the best-fit mortgage loan by coming in for a free mortgage assessment test with one of our trusted experts. Contact us today!

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