Mortgage Renewals

Time to renew your mortgage? Discover advantageous mortgage renewal options as you near the end of your mortgage term. Like a magazine subscription, so many people go about renewing mortgages without really paying attention or looking. They get the renewal notice, they sign on the dotted line, and that’s that. However, as a homeowner it’s best to be smart about your mortgage renewal process.

A lot can change between the time you purchase a new home and your first mortgage renewal. From fluctuating interest rates to family size or employment situation – life circumstances can shift dramatically in a year or two.

That’s why it’s always good practice to re-assess your needs carefully before blindly signing your mortgage renewal. Whether it’s your first time renewing a mortgage or your third – Ross Taylor & Associates can help you negotiate different terms and potentially change lenders to not only save you money, but also possibly shorten the lifespan of your mortgage.

When to Start Considering Mortgage Renewal Options

Start shopping 4 months before your term is up: Mark your mortgage maturity date on a calendar so you can you can begin looking up options online. An early start also helps a potential renew with your current lender without having to pay a pre-payment penalty for breaking your mortgage term early.

Consider your financial goals: Are you having a baby or dealing with economic changes? Many surprises can happen throughout your mortgage term. Think about what your new financial goals might be for the next 5 years, then factor that into your decision and options before choosing a mortgage renewal process that works for you.

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