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Smart mortgage and credit solutions that fit your financial situation.

Whether you’re looking for a mortgage pre-approval, refinancing or renewal and have poor credit history or just want to get your debt under control, you’ve come to the right place. At Ross Taylor and Associates, we are not your traditional mortgage broker.  We specialize in delivering smart mortgage and debt relief solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs and circumstances.

Experienced Team

Our team brings years of experience, creative credit solutions and a strong commitment to delivering results every time.

Mortgage Experts

Arranging a mortgage is both science and art, process and imagination – we use both to deliver optimal mortgage solutions.

Specialized Counselling

One of the only mortgage teams in Ontario with an in-house BIA registered insolvency counselor and excellent relationships with several Trustees in Bankruptcy.

No Surprises

Sidestep unwanted surprises as we explore and explain your options and develop a comprehensive strategy that works for you.

High-Touch Service

Always feel valued, informed and respected while working closely with our team of big-hearted mortgage and credit specialists.

No Cost to You

Your first consultation is free and in most cases, we’re paid by our lenders, which means we don’t pass costs along to you.

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valuable advice on money, mortgages and your personal credit history
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  • Our Services

    Ross Taylor & Associates offers life-changing mortgage and debt related services to hundreds of clients throughout Toronto and the GTA.

    Mortgage Services

    Just because you have bad credit, does not mean you cannot buy a home. Difficult mortgages are our specialty. Whether your credit history is ‘damaged,’ you’re self-employed, or you have a lot of personal debts, we can help you.

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    Debt Relief

    Stop worrying about payments and avoiding collections calls. If you’re in a tight corner with your credit burden and can’t manage to get out of it, our credit counselling experts are here to help and advocate for fair, balanced solutions to your debt problems.

    Learn more
    First-Time Home Buyers

    Looking for a first-time buyer mortgage? Search no further. If you’ve been fretting about how to get an affordable and flexible first-time buyer mortgage, we’ve got the best services and repayment options for you.

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    • Thank you so much Ross for making the impossible possible and helping me keep my home. I thought my financial nightmare was a lost cause until I’ve met you. Nothing is impossible with Ross Taylor & Associates!

      Noemi Madrid
      Registered Practical Nurse
    • Ross is an incredible financial advisor and has been invaluable to me and my family. He is knowledgeable, thorough, caring, and a pleasure to deal with. He always has his clients’ best interests in mind. Ask Ross, and you will get help quickly whatever your financial concerns are.

      Irina Kundzich
      Graphic Designer at IK Design
    • I have known Ross for ten years and always respected his opinion on financial and social issues. I would recommend to everyone who is thinking of a major financial purchase; having financial problems; or worried about their financial future to read articles posted on “Ask Ross’ or to ask Ross for advice.

      Vlad Rojko
      CMA Manager of Operations at Liquid Capital
    • We cannot begin to express our gratitude to you for helping us keep our property. You have truly done the impossible with our refinances. We encountered many stumbling blocks (to say the least) along the way, but your professionalism and tenacity cleared the way. You have gone out of your way, on many occasions, in working with us (far above and beyond the call of duty).

      Hellen Kraisel