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Experience, Expertise, and Leadership

Ross Taylor has been in the financial services sector for more than 30 years and is acknowledged as a leading expert in the Canadian Mortgage Industry. Ross has been a finalist on five separate occasions for national awards in the Canadian Mortgage Industry, and was the recipient of the Mortgage Professionals Canada Financial Literacy Leadership Award in 2017 and was a winner at the Mortgage Awards of Excellence in 2021.

In addition to his work as a veteran mortgage broker, Ross has helped hundreds of clients with credit matters, bankruptcy, and consumer proposals. He frequently speaks at industry conferences and webinars and he is also a consultant to realtors, insolvency trustees, credit counsellors, and other mortgage brokers.

As a person, Ross is a loving father, a leader, and a teacher by nature. His personal goal is to find the most affordable and simplest solution for all his clients. His adult children are an inspiration for much of his teaching, and he particularly enjoys helping young adults find their way towards financial literacy.

So much so that he has published over 600 articles and e-guides on his blog, Ask Ross, to help Canadians better understand their finances.

“Ross Taylor is unquestionably the preeminent credit repair mortgage broker in Canada today. Ross’s expertise can help everyone who has concerns about their credit in their search for mortgage financing. It’s not only expertise Ross brings to the table. He has a genuine desire to help people get the best possible outcome and the patience to work with clients over the long haul and with complete honesty. If you have questions and concerns over your credit in your search for a mortgage, just ASKROSS.”

– Ron Butler, mortgage industry veteran and founder of Butler Mortgage

The Ask Ross Blog

Ross is a firm believer in reliable and accessible information. He understands how confusing financial, mortgages, and credit matters can be. He started the Ask Ross blog back in 2009 to share his financial knowledge with Canadians across the country.

Today, the Ask Ross blog and monthly newsletter are read by thousands. They are an authoritative source of information about mortgages, particularly the issues faced by those whose credit has been damaged. Ross also authors a regular column for Canadian Mortgage Trends on mortgages and credit.

The many ways we help our clients

Whether you are looking to buy a home, struggling to increase your available credit, or have recently completed a consumer proposal/bankruptcy, which is dragging down your credit score, Ross Taylor Mortgages will work tirelessly to achieve the results that are right for you.

Ross is dedicated to providing helpful information, personal insights, and genuine advice for all who seek it. If you’re looking to get a mortgage or planning to buy and need to know what you can afford, our clients will unanimously say Ask Ross.

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