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One of Canada’s Most Trusted and Knowledgeable Mortgage Specialists

Serving Southern Ontario and the Toronto/GTA region, Ross is recognized as one of Canada’s leading difficult mortgage specialists — the one that both consumers and experts seek out for knowledge and assistance.

Need a mortgage, or planning to buy a home and need to know what you can afford? His clients unanimously say ASKROSS

Why Ross Taylor?

Expertise, experience, and leadership.

Ross is empathetic, a mentor to the industry, and he gets things done. Someone you can trust.

A highly-skilled veteran of the financial services industry with more than 30 years of experience, who has been repeatedly recognized as a leading expert by his peers. He is most proud to have been honoured with the Mortgage Professionals Canada Financial Literacy Leadership award, and has published over 600 articles and e-guides.

Industry Experts Look to Ross for Know-How

The ASKROSS blog and newsletters are read by many thousands of people for his authoritative information about mortgages, particularly issues faced by those whose credit has been damaged and is on the mend. He also authors a regular column for Canadian Mortgage Trends on mortgages and credit matters.

Ross speaks frequently at industry conferences and webinars, and is a consultant to realtors, insolvency trustees, credit counselors, and other mortgage brokers.

Ross’s depth of expertise means it’s unlikely you will have a problem he hasn’t solved before. And his large personal network ensures if he does not know the answer to your question, he knows someone who does!

Awards and Industry Recognition



“Ross Taylor is unquestionably the preeminent credit repair mortgage broker in Canada today. Ross’s expertise can help everyone who has concerns about their credit in their search for mortgage financing. It’s not only expertise Ross brings to the table. He has a genuine desire to help people get the best possible outcome and the patience to work with clients over the long haul and with complete honesty. If you have questions and concerns over your credit in your search for a mortgage just ASKROSS.”

Ron Butler, highly respected mortgage industry veteran and founder of Butler Mortgage


Featured in the Media

and contributed 3 chapters to best-selling author Ellen Roseman’s book “Fight Back”



Reliable Information & Genuine Advice

As a person, Ross is a loving father, a leader, and a teacher by nature. He finds inspiration in his adult children for much of his teaching, and he particularly loves helping young adults find their way towards financial literacy. These qualities shine through in his genuine passion for finding the most affordable and simplest solutions for all his clients.


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What You Can Expect As a Client

Whether you want to buy or refinance a home, improve your mortgage, settle debts, or boost your credit score after a consumer proposal or bankruptcy, Ross will work tirelessly to achieve the results that are right for YOU.

Ross strongly believes consumers are entitled to reliable and easily accessible information, and understands how stressful and confusing mortgage, credit and financial matters can be. That’s why he started the ASKROSS blog in 2009 to share knowledge with all Canadians.

He is dedicated to providing helpful information, insight, and the best advice for all who seek it, even when there is no personal gain. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic for example, when Canadians had an urgent need for timely information about COVID-19’s impact on their personal finances, Ross gathered together a wealth of helpful data, resources and insights to publish in his blog.

What Clients Have To Say

Ultimately, the only thing that matters is what clients say about the quality of service they get. That’s why we’re so proud to have an overall 5-star rating from over 300 reviews that have been posted to Google and Facebook. If you are considering working with a mortgage professional or a credit specialist, we recommend you check out the complete set of client testimonials (and those of anyone else you might have on your list to call). Because there are so many reviews, we’ve created a number of filters to help you find people who are just like you based on categories of needs or problems that our clients wanted to solve — but, nothing is hidden and every single unvarnished review is available to see in the client’s own words. A smaller sampling appears below.

ASKROSS About Specialty Services for Credit Renovation or Difficult Mortgage Solutions

Ross’s unique dual expertise in consumer credit history and deep knowledge of the mortgage industry make him ideally qualified as a difficult mortgage specialist. If you have completed a consumer proposal, are new to Canada or self-employed, need to use equity to pay of CRA tax arrears, have damaged credit or just about any other difficult mortgage needs, Ross is your first and best choice.

He also loves to help first time homebuyers, people who want to refinance to complete renovations, anyone getting a raw deal from their bank on a mortgage renewal, and other everyday mortgage needs.

Do You Need a Mortgage or Credit Renovation Services?

You owe it to yourself to ASKROSS. You have our promise and assurance that Ross goes to bat for every one of his clients to find the best solutions available regardless of their needs.