Renew Your Mortgage With a Trusted Broker

When your existing mortgage term nears maturity, it is time to start thinking about what you would like to see in your new mortgage contract. You will want to consider all positions, your lender, length of the term, and type of rate.

How a mortgage renewal works

Your notice to renew your mortgage typically arrives in the mail 4 to 6 months before your renewal date. It will include several terms and competitive rate options. This is your time to evaluate your financial situation and goals to understand what you will need in the duration of your next term.

It is also an excellent opportunity to access your home’s equity to put towards renovations, education, or simply saving more by lowering your monthly mortgage payment.

What lenders will evaluate:

  1. Your personal credit history: Have there been any significant changes to your score that could impact your ability to renew with the same lender?
  2. The value of your home: How much has your home appreciated or depreciated over your mortgage term?
  3. Your income and employment Have there been any changes to your employment status that may impact your ability to meet your regular mortgage payments.

How we help you renew

  • Get competitive rate options from a variety of trusted lenders, including banks, credit unions and trust companies.
  • You will get a comprehensive financial review to ensure you’re getting the best rate and options that meet your financial goals.
  • There is no cost involved when you work with us to switch your mortgage to a new lender!
  • Fast, reliable service – we’re always accessible if you have a question 7 days a week.

Renewing your mortgage with bad credit

Act early. If your financial circumstances have changed since the start of your mortgage, the best thing to do is get ahead of it. We will assess your situation together to find the best way to position you when it comes time to renew.

Here’s how we can help:
  1. A detailed review of your credit bureau reports ensuring it puts your best foot forward. We see reporting errors in our clients’ credit
    reports more than half the time, and we can fix those errors quickly.
  2. Get a complimentary home evaluation to help determine the new loan-to-value ratio of your renewing mortgage.
  3. We will run a simulated stress test on your financials to determine if you still meet the mortgage lending guidelines.

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