Using Your to Pay Off Tax

It’s not unusual to owe money to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) after filing your personal tax return. But there are situations where there is a significant amount owed. This most often happens to self-employed Canadians and those who haven’t filed their returns for a few years.

When a large amount is owing to the CRA, and it has been outstanding for some time, your credit can be impacted, and there may even be liens registered against your home.

In these situations, you will find your bank’s hands are tied, and they are unable to help you, even though you’ve been a great client. However, CRA is taken very seriously by most institutional lenders.

If you are a homeowner, there are options to help you get back on track

The team at Ross Taylor Mortgages will work with you to help navigate the best way to pay back the CRA, as well as the accumulated interest and penalties, by leveraging your home equity. Our goal is to clear up your owed and put you in a better credit position.

Providing you with solutions for your unique situation

Many factors lead to a solution, and every circumstance is different. For example, while most financial institutions prefer not to a mortgage to repay the CRA, some alternative lenders are willing to cover the and all associated costs.

The cost? In these scenarios, we often work with private mortgage lenders who have higher than usual interest rates. They also have additional lenders, brokerage and legal fees. Read more about private mortgage lender costs.

Let’s discuss your options today

Regardless of your employment situation, we’ll work with you, lenders and the to ensure your payment is made in full. We’ll also put you in a position where you can rebuild strong credit for the future.


Customer case study

This case study outlines two customer stories and the steps we took to help them pay the by leveraging their home equity.

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