Credit Renovation
With a shell-shocked COVID-19 Canadian economy as backdrop, CMHC moved to tighten lending standards for insured mortgages. New rules for CMHC-insured mortgages are intended to reduce the risk of increasing mortgage defaults in Canada, to contain likely fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic and to make mortgage qualification harder for insured mortgages.
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After a consumer proposal has been fully paid, many think about buying a home. If already homeowners, they may be concerned about their upcoming mortgage renewal, or wonder whether a mortgage refinance is now possible. The question all have is how long do they need to wait after the consumer proposal is finished.
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A horrible credit score after finishing a consumer proposal isn't necessarily your fault. Many who've completed a consumer proposal are surprised to learn that numerous mistakes on their credit report are doing serious harm to their credit score.
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Using Credit Cards To Start Rebuilding Damaged Credit Each week I receive calls and emails asking me for help in rebuilding damaged credit histories. Often, s/he has come off (or is still in) a consumer proposal, or debt settlement or personal bankruptcy and is truly starting from ground zero. How to rebuild your credit history...
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Can He Remove a Derogatory Item From His Credit Report_ 700x450X THUMBNAIL
Consumers ask "What does it take to get negative items removed from your credit report?".
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Homeowners Eliminate Debts Without Declaring Bankruptcy
Refinancing your home may not cut it anymore Our consumerist society often gulls people into spending beyond their means. In my business, I meet these folks every day. As recently as a few years ago, many would simply refinance their homes; pay off their credit card debt, and begin the vicious cycle all over again....
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