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Mortgages available for everyone. Good credit, even bad credit, self-employed, and marriage breakup.

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Mortgage Rates

Rate specials are available, and will always be lower than our posted rates. See Terms.

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Debt Reduction

We can eliminate or settle your debts, and stop collection processes. We represent you, not your creditors.

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Rebuild Credit Score

It's so important you maximize your credit score. No matter what your circumstances, we can do it.

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Credit score too low for mortgage

Credit score too low for mortgage Here’s a recent message from a fellow mortgage agent. “My client is self employed, and I am taking a “stated income” approach. He had some slow repayments in early 2012 ,and a collection item that he was unaware of in late 2012 that was paid as soon as it become known …

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taxes due

Large CRA debt holding him back

Large CRA debt holding him back There have been several questions sent in recently by people who have run afoul with CRA. Often the rest of their picture is quite healthy actually. I see this often with realtors and other self employed people who have a breakout year or two, but did not set aside …

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