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Rising Interest Rates and Your Mortgage
Published: • Since the summer of 2017 we have seen the Bank of Canada Prime interest rate increase five times – from a low of 2.7% to the current 3.95%. This means that most homeowners with variable rate mortgages saw their mortgage payment increase five times in eighteen months! At the same time, five-year fixed...
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Whether shopping for a new home, have a mortgage renewal coming up, want to refinance or just want to know how much you're able to spend, getting a mortgage pre-approval is well worth it, and can save thousands of dollars or more. The principal benefits are protection against rate increases, and the safety and security...
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In this primer for first time homebuyers, we examine how you know you're ready to take the leap, 7 steps to become a homeowner, and 5 common mistakes that first time homebuyers often make.
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What makes a strong mortgage co-signer? Not a great job, nor huge equity with tiny mortgage, nor a fantastic credit score is enough on its own. Sky high housing costs have many asking whether a co-signer can help with mortgage qualification. What are lenders looking for in a co-signer?
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