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Financial Q&A
A running thread of reader questions and our answers and research about the impact of COVID-19 on your finances.
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Renew Mortgage
A reader asks whether COVID-19 has affected her ability to renew a mortgage while still in a consumer proposal, and whether it's possible to refinance, pay off the remainder of the consumer proposal and establish a secured line of credit.
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EI/CERB Updates
Stay at home orders have forced many Canadians to be temporarily out of work and collecting government benefits for the first time in their lives. This article is continuously updated with q+a about the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) and EI to help Canadians apply for and receive their benefits.
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Financial Wellbeing
Running commentary and news updates on COVID-19's impact on banking, real estate, mortgages, government relief programs, personal credit, and other financial health matters of concern to Canadians.
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Published: • Surge of Active Buyers, Supply Shortage Making Toronto a Frothy Market Normally the real estate industry becomes really quiet in July and August, but this year in and around the GTA proved there are lots of buyers hungry to purchase a home, and at the same time there was a supply shortage. It...
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