private mortgages

Cost of private mortgage
Private mortgages have a number of costs you may not expect, and different terms and benefits than traditional mortgages. Rather than just focusing on the interest rate, it's important to understand the total cost of a private mortgage before deciding this product is suitable for your needs.
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When Is a Private Mortgage the Best Solution?
Published: • This is the second in a three part series of articles discussing private mortgages. Private mortgages are becoming increasingly common because of extremely high house prices, especially in Canada’s major cities, and as a result of the mortgage stress test. In Part 1, I covered the basics, answering the most frequently asked questions....
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FAQ Private Mortgage
Despite increasing in market share by nearly 50% in less than a year, most Canadians don't know what private mortgages are. This primer answers commonly asked questions: what is a private mortgage, why would you want one, what problems do they solve, how they are priced, is this the right product for your needs, etc.
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home equity
Tax arrears Is a debt that can't be negotiated away, with a creditor you can't afford to ignore. It's never fun being hit with a large tax assessment, but homeowners have some good options to leverage home equity to settle their debt.
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The media paints alternative lenders as shadowy, less-than-reputable lenders who prey on desperate homebuyers. We look at the important role that alternative and private lenders play in the market and compare them with traditional "A" lenders, such as banks.
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Private mortgages are great tools for solving specific types of problems. Homeowners who need to consolidate debts or pay off a consumer proposal early are good candidates for this solution, despite having higher costs than a traditional mortgage.
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