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Consumer proposals are an important part of the Canadian insolvency process, and are the main alternative to filing for bankruptcy. We answer 5 of the most common questions about consumer proposals.
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home equity
Tax arrears Is a debt that can't be negotiated away, with a creditor you can't afford to ignore. It's never fun being hit with a large tax assessment, but homeowners have some good options to leverage home equity to settle their debt.
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Refinancing your mortgage can be a great tool to achieve many different financial goals, from saving money by lowering your rate, to consolidating debts, to taking cash out of your equity for renovations, investment opportunities or even education.
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Tragic circumstances devastate family finances
No matter how financially responsible you are, illness and tragedy can decimate your finances You never know what’s around the corner when family finances are concerned. Met a couple last week who retired early at 53, with guaranteed pension income of $74,000 between the two of them. And when they hit 65 (earlier for CPP...
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