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Consumer proposals are an important part of the Canadian insolvency process, and are the main alternative to filing for bankruptcy. We answer 5 of the most common questions about consumer proposals.
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getting a mortgage after a consumer proposal
Published:   •  Is It Possible To Get a Mortgage After a Consumer Proposal? Yes, But … Suppose you were in a consumer proposal and it’s now completely paid off. You have received your completion certificate from the trustee and now you want to buy a house, or perhaps refinance your current home. Will you...
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Buying a home after a consumer proposal is a real possibility, but you must prepare for the credit history challenge. 3 scenarios for buying a home after a consumer proposal are discussed.
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Using Home Equity Loan & Mortgage Refinancing to Pay Off Your Consumer Proposal Early
If you are a homeowner in the middle of a consumer proposal, did you know you can get a home equity loan or mortgage refinancing to pay off your consumer proposal and get on with your life? There are several reasons why you might do this: Keep more of your pay every month. Your overall...
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Should you pay off your consumer proposal early? Before you filed your consumer proposal, your debts were out of control. Your consumer proposal gave you relief from your creditors, collectors and perhaps even garnishments. It was a very responsible way to deal with your debts. Creditors appreciate that. Once a new reality sets in and...
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When the bank said 'no' to mortgage renewal because of a consumer proposal, switching to an alternative lender and paying off the consumer proposal early provided immediate debt relief and improved cash flow.
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Debtors Want To Buy Condo
Can you buy a home after a consumer proposal? Everyone deserves a second chance, and we often hear from people who have restructured their debts and now want to buy their own home. Is this realistic, and if yes, how soon is it possible? A lady wrote this week and said “my husband has been...
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Pre approved mortgage denied because of consumer proposal
Consumer Proposal can de-rail a pre approved mortgage Today’s question came from a reader in Alberta who is currently in a consumer proposal and also wants to buy a new home. “I moved to Alberta in 2007 for a family crisis and have had some personal hurdles to overcome in regards to employment – as a...
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