too many debts
Tragic circumstances devastate family finances
No matter how financially responsible you are, illness and tragedy can decimate your finances You never know what’s around the corner when family finances are concerned. Met a couple last week who retired early at 53, with guaranteed pension income of $74,000 between the two of them. And when they hit 65 (earlier for CPP...
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Ellen Roseman’s Fight Back – All about everyday ways that life will cost you and what you can do about it Just released last month, Ellen’s new book Fight Back – 81 ways to help you save money is flying off bookstore shelves. Lots of practical advice to save money and win those battles we...
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Debt Settlement Company Created a Big Mess
Be Wary of Debt Settlement Companies; Stick With Registered Credit Counselors or Bankruptcy Trustees Who Are Professionally Certified and Bound By Code of Ethics Last week, a young professional named Zak came to see me.  A year or two ago he was struggling to keep up with his two credit card balances. Back then Zak...
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