Debt Relief

You deserve a fair and balanced solution for your debt challenges.

When your debts are causing you sleepless nights, or are beyond your ability to repay, there are a number of ways we can alleviate your stress. Our debt relief solutions will help you feel better, think more clearly, and finally have a balanced budget. Talk to us. It’s free and it could save you thousands of dollars.

Debt Relief

Know your options and develop a strategy

Debt relief for homeowners. Stop worrying about payments and avoiding collection calls. If you’re in a tight corner with your credit burden and can’t manage to get out of it, our credit counseling experts are here to help and advocate for fair, balanced solutions to your debt problems.

Credit Counselling

We look after your best interests

We have seen inadequate debt strategies result in unnecessary challenges and stress too many times. Don’t let this to happen to you! We are experienced credit counselors with excellent relationships with Trustees in Bankruptcy. We are also one of the only mortgage teams in Ontario with an in-house BIA registered insolvency counselor.

Rebuild Credit

Increase, rebuild, or establish your credit score

Everyone should know their personal credit score and be aware of what lenders can see when they do a credit check. We have helped hundreds of clients clean up their credit history and improve their credit score quickly with unique and personalized action plans.

Credit Specialists

Know your options and develop a strategy

Whether you need help stopping a debt collection process, consolidating debt, rebuilding your credit score, or filing a consumer proposal or bankruptcy, we are credit specialists and we have the knowledge and experience to explore all of your options, develop a financial strategy and advocate for you along the way.

Drowning in Debt?

  • Ross is a great financial consultant and credit counselor. His advice helped me and my family, and we are very grateful. He is very personable, has great customer service skills and very good knowledge of his work field. Thank you Ross, for all your help and advice, it’s much appreciated. Ross is also a published author, and I enjoy reading his work regularly.

    Anastaciya Maslov
    RPN Registered Practical Nurse at Chartwell Retirement Residences
  • Working with Ross has made us feel so at ease. It lessened our worries that Ross was working so hard on our behalf. His positive and calm demeanor made us feel comfortable from the get go. His advice was spot on as he was upfront and honest with us. I truly appreciate all he has done for us. From the bottom of hearts, thank you, thank you!

    Fern Davis
    School Teacher
  • Ross provided us with everything we needed. There was no pressure. He made us feel at ease with every move along the way. He broke down every myth we ever heard about debt and mortgages, and he gave us options. I have to say that the experience was stress free and we will always ASK ROSS first. Thanks Ross!

    Ralph Ugo
    Regional Sales Manager for a manufacturing company
  • Ross has been very helpful with advice and suggestions for my finances. He is very easy and pleasant to work with, and I very much appreciate his efforts on my behalf. His website is also a good source of information and updates.

    Sanjita Nag
    Independent Medical Practice Professional
  • Going through a consumer proposal can be very stressful. I must say that every step of the way Ross made it easy and stress-free. Ross is engaging, professional, friendly and ready to answer any and all questions that we had. I wouldn’t think of using anyone else in the future to deal with my financials or mortgage needs other than Ross Taylor, it’s just that simple.

    Margarita Stavitski
  • My husband and I met Ross and from the first encounter with him we knew we were in safe hands. He was willing to guide us along the process, providing us with clear answers, lots of support and understanding. He took time to know our financial situation to provide us with a great service. Ross was able to help us secure a mortgage that led us to own a property. He is not just a professional but the best professional you will find in this area. His expertise and human touch made the difference. I recommend him and his Associates. Thank you Ross for everything!

    Linda Meszaros
    Principal Sourcing Specialist
  • Ross took the time to understand our needs for the short term as well as for the long term. Based on that information he provided several options with pros and cons for each of those options. He brings solid understanding of lending products and more importantly how to leverage client needs to those lending products. He met more than our expectations and would highly recommend him to anyone within our network.

    Abel Kagzi
    Software Developer

Why choose us for relief from debt?

  • First consultation is free of charge
  • Years of experience and expertise
  • In-house BIA registered insolvency counselor
  • Excellent relationships with Trustees in Bankruptcy
  • Proven credit strategies and programs

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