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We look after your best interests, not your creditors

Whether you are a homeowner looking for debt relief, or are beyond your ability to repay your debts, there are a number of ways we can relieve this stress. Whatever debt you may be in, this can become overwhelming, and you may begin to wonder if a debt consolidation program could help.

The trustee represents your creditors and must enforce the Bankruptcy Insolvency Act to the best of their abilities – we respect that, but who is looking after your financial interests? We represent our debtor clients and are their advocate and negotiator in ensuring a fair, balanced solution to their debt issues.

Know your options before you commit to a life altering decision. A free consultation will allow us to present you all your alternatives – and a clear financial plan and recommendation as to which solutions are right for you. We have healthy relationships with several trustees in bankruptcy and administrators of consumer proposals, and can negotiate excellent terms for you which will allow you to get on your feet again as quickly as possible. We can also negotiate directly on your behalf with any individual creditor or collection agency.

Chances are you will be in this situation only once in your life – why not have someone in your corner who has done this hundreds of times? Before you approach a trustee, please talk to us first. It’s free, and it could save you thousands of dollars.

We can stop garnishments, legal actions, and collection processes. We can negotiate settlements with your creditors. Or we can prepare you for a consumer proposal. And if these options do not make sense for your circumstances; we can prepare you for a personal bankruptcy.

Know your options. Most of the time it does not have to be this bad. The relief is immediate and palpable. You will feel better, think more clearly, and finally, have a balanced budget where you have a second chance to save and provide for your family’s present and future needs.

Not only do we want to provide you relief from debt stress, but also rebuild your credit history as fast as possible.

And we will hold your hand through the entire process from beginning to completion (even if it takes years) to ensure this is a one- time event which will never happen to you again.

Your first consultation is ALWAYS FREE. You have everything to gain by meeting us, and nothing to lose.

Also, you can read dozens of stories about real people whose lives we have changed in Credit Counselling.

See for yourself if you would like Ross Taylor & Associates as your personal champion against your creditors.

To find out if our debt consolidation services could help you, contact us today and get started on the right path to a better future. If you would like us to assess your circumstances, you can fill up this short, secure and easy to use Debt Evaluation Form.

Credit score specialists – improve, rebuild, or establish your credit score

Everybody should know their personal credit history and be aware of what lenders can see when they access your personal information. We have helped hundreds of clients improve their credit score rapidly, by providing them a unique personalized program and action plan designed to clean up the flaws, and increase their credit rating as quickly as possible.

You can read many interesting stories about real people and their credit scores in Credit Counseling Info. Ask for a free initial consultation today.

Contact Ross today with any personal finance question at all, please follow the link or contact us directly at 416-989-1000.  We are here to help.

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