Kudos to Air Canada

Air Canada Gave Me The Red Carpet Treatment

Today I screwed up and arrived at Pearson International with only fifty minutes to spare before our flight was due to depart for Las Vegas. It’s a celebration trip – my mum just turned 80, and Svetlana and I were looking forward to a few days of fun with her.

When we got to the baggage drop off area, the staff apologetically told us we were too late; the flight had been closed; and it was impossible to get us on board, especially as we had luggage to check in.

We explained the circumstances of the trip, while I felt like a complete loser for failing to get us to the airport earlier. The staff called in a manager  who they said “would likely tell us what they had already told us – no dice.”

We waited another ten minutes (clock ticking) and he showed up and sized up the situation immediately and reiterated his staff’s earlier position. I then piped in I would be willing to catch the next flight, and bring the baggage with me – so would he consider letting Svetlana and mum on board under these circumstances? He smiled and assured us he would do his best to get them on the plane.

But there was still US Customs to go through and also the security process – both of which were very busy. And after that, the long walk to the gate. It almost seemed futile.

I did not catch the manager’s name; if I did I would surely mention it here; but within twenty minutes Svetlana and mum were calling me from the gate to let me know they were about to board the plane!

They had been given red carpet treatment through Customs and security, and then a vehicle whisked them directly to the gate from there. Now THAT is customer service – showing compassion and making the impossible doable. Well done, Air Canada!!

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