AskRoss recommends the best personal finance blogs – July 15, 2011

Here are this week’s articles which deserve a broader audience. They cover topics such as how much do you need to retire, credit cards for small business owners, achieving financial bliss in a second marriage, the last minute RESP, investing in TFSA’s as a student, and finally a primer on bonds.

Fabulously Broke points out that retirement is not a right.

Her point is people simply presume they will retire by 65, without giving enough forethought as to whether or not they can afford to.

I have an 82 year old client of sound body and mind who works every day as a delivery driver for an established food establishment in North York. Believe me, he would much rather be at home taking care of his ailing wife.

Tom Drake, at The Canadian Finance Blog, asks how much money do you need to retire?

This article dovetails well with the one by Fabulously Broke.

Mike at Rewards Cards Canada wrote a feature article on the TD Travel rewards card for small business owners.

I agree this is a very good card for small business owners, but it’s worth pointing out you don’t actually have to limit yourself to a small business credit card for small business purposes.

You can simply pick your own personal favorite rewards card, and designate that card exclusively for use in your small business. Make the payments always from your small business bank account, and make sure you give the records to your tax preparer at tax time.

Diana Cawfields at Morningstar wrote about achieving financial bliss in a second marriage.

With so many extended families and the divorce rate as high as it is, her point about getting the financial aspects of a new relationship on strong footing right from the beginning is a good one.

Mike Holman at Money Smarts writes about the last minute RESP.

Mike positions himself as a subject matter expert on RESP’s and in fact has written a book on this subject. His website is a good resource for anyone interested in learning more about this important financial product.

Nelson Smith wrote an informative article about bond basics at The Canadian Finance Blog.

While many will gloss over articles like this, in my opinion, it is information worth having access to.

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